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Weight Watchers Success Stories: Sarah

Weight Watchers Success Stories: Sarah

Success Stories: Sarah

Sarah, 41

It really is possible to lose weight – and keep it off forever!

My husband Mick and I renewed our vows in Las Vegas after 15 happy years together. I was basking in the compliments on the day and was secretly thrilled that the stunning size 10 corset cream dress I was wearing was two sizes smaller than my original wedding dress. It was evidence of a healthier lifestyle that lasted almost as long as my marriage. It was all down to Weight Watchers and my decision to lose 3st of my accumulated baby weight after having my children – Liam, now 14, and Lewis, now 12.

You have to find the right motivation

I made it through sheer determination and a strong desire to escape my tacky middle-aged wardrobe. I had to retrain myself in the kitchen—planning meals ahead, cooking everything from scratch, and choosing healthier lunches like mashed potatoes over a baguette.

Be proud of your changing body

As a beautician, I’ve always taken great care of my hair and makeup, but as the pounds have come off, I’ve started to focus more on what’s below my neck. At Christmas, parties and dinners became an opportunity to show off your curves rather than hide them. Getting ready for the night turned into a ritual that I indulged in and ditched shapeless pants and tops for gorgeous dresses.

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Loss: 3.2 lbs

Height: 5’7″ Starting Weight: 12.7 lbs

Current weight: 9.5 lbs

Don’t hide inside – get out and move!

When I first started Weight Watchers, I took my sons out in their double buggy and burned calories as I pushed hard, determined to shift the sluggish feeling that had plagued me for months. I started running regularly once my stamina increased.

See a healthy lifestyle as a long-term commitment

For 12 years now, I’ve stayed around my goal weight, I stick to a plan, I go to meetings when I need a boost, and I enjoy being able to dress however I want. Once I reached my destination – all those years ago – I knew there was no going back.

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