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Success Stories: Jimi’s Story

Success Stories: Jimi's Story

Jimi is a dedicated trainer who loves to post positive messages on his Instagram page – @imij80 – every Monday to keep members motivated. He lost 6th place and became a fitness fanatic, collecting more than 100 FitPoints per week. Jimi tells his story…

Remember WW is for everyone

My GP was concerned about my high blood pressure, sciatica, joint pain and asthma, but to be honest I wasn’t happy when they sent me to Weight Watchers. I thought it was a program aimed at women and that I would feel out of place there. But I wanted to support my partner Caroline, who was also recommended, so I went. At over 18, I had no time for regrets – I knew I had to try something.”

Healthy doesn’t mean boring!

I was worried that I would be hungry all the time on Weight Watchers. But Caroline and I stuck to the plan and found so many new things to try. My taste buds have evolved exponentially! Now I can’t wait to try new cuisines, flavors and textures. I love Korean influenced food like grilled pork and kimchi. Before joining Weight Watchers, I had never eaten a pear. Now I adore all fruits and vegetables.

Reward your victories

Celebrate and reward everything. If you’ve just done dear, give someone a high five. Have you just completed a workout that felt daunting at first? Buy some new activewear. Do you have just the right amount of spice in the curry you cooked from scratch? Treat yourself to a new kitchen gadget.

Indulging is good for you

Caroline and I go to the movies twice a week – that’s our ‘Smile’ time – and we’ve found lots of great ways to experience the joy of the cinema without going crazy. We love bringing Free’ist Marshmallows and Propercorn Smooth Peanut & Almond Popcorn because they’re smarter options that still feel indulgent.

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My moment yes

It had to make it into Weight Watchers magazine! In the past, I had done everything I could to avoid being photographed, but suddenly I was dressed, groomed and posing for the camera – it was surreal. I had a great time and was very proud of my achievement. My family and members loved it.

Follow Jimi on Instagram at @imij80

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