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Success stories: Graham and Andy

Success stories: Graham and Andy

Success stories: Graham and Andy

Graham (left), 35, and Andy (right), 47

Graham says:

I didn’t come out as gay until I was 28, just before I met Andy, which tells you something about how I felt about myself. When I was my biggest, I wore XXXXXXL clothes.

When I met Andy in the pub at Christmas 2009 we hit it off and a few months later we moved in together. That’s when I gained even more weight. We both love food and Andy is a trained chef so most nights he cooked a big meal of delicious food and we shared lots of wine. But we were happy and in love.


Name: Graham (left)

Weight Loss: 13 3 lbs

It was: 25. 1lb

Now: 11. 12 lbs

Age: 35

Height: 5’9″

How long it took: 18 months

Name: Andy (right)

Weight Loss: 5.1 lbs

Was: 17st 3lbs

Now: 12.2 lbs

Age: 47

Height: 5’9″

How long it took: 10 months

After celebrating my mom’s birthday in 2013, I finally decided to do something. Andy and I were the biggest people there and when no one said anything I felt embarrassed.

I told Andy I was going to join Weight Watchers and was delighted when he said he would too. I was amazed when the scale tipped over 25 at our first meeting, but I was overjoyed when I lost 9 pounds after the first week. Our leader, Jo, set me small goals and the weight gradually came off. When I reached my goal weight 18 months later, it was quite emotional.

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Being slim changed my life. I used to be nervous about what other people thought of me, but now I don’t care.

Andy proposed in 2010 and I knew I didn’t want my wedding photos to be taken at that size. Now our next goal is our wedding and we are looking for venues. We just want to live happily ever after.

Andy says:

When I got together with Graham, the fact that we both struggled with weight probably brought us closer together. We fell in love and didn’t think about what we were eating because we were enjoying ourselves so much.

But I was happy when he suggested I join Weight Watchers. Working on the plan together encouraged us, and when I reached the finish line after 10 months, Graham was happy for me.

Since Weight Watchers, our relationship has changed for the better. Before we always stayed in and had food. Now we go out all the time. We also wear more fashionable clothes instead of being embarrassed to go to clothing stores in case something doesn’t fit. Losing weight gave us both such confidence. We are very happy and our big day will be the ultimate celebration of how far we have come.

Together, Graham and Andy found meeting success – you can too

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